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a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence


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They are wind-pollinated, monoecious trees having both staminate (3-4 cm long) and pistillate (1.5-5 cm long) aments. Pistillate aments usually consist of 2060 florets (M.
In early May, we observed the sample trees with binoculars and checked whether or not they bore staminate aments. We made no observation for pistillate aments, because they were too small and thin to observe at that time.
Ament, chief executive officer of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.
"We have 348 breweries in Colorado, second only to California," says Denvers Ament. "Thats six per 100,000 residents."
However, Dragon 88 winning pitcher Jarrett Ament got the next two batters to fly out, thus ending the threat and the game.
O'Connell, John Delaney, Ament, Bauer and Ben Earle all had two hits to lead Dragon 88.
He s a i d : "To d a y ' s announcement will ensure t hat Pa r l i ament ha s adequat e t ime i n this session to debat e and scrutinise the Government's legislative programme."