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Synonyms for amendment

Synonyms for amendment

the act of making better or the condition of being made better

the act or process of revising

Words related to amendment

the act of amending or correcting

a statement that is added to or revises or improves a proposal or document (a bill or constitution etc

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We concur fully," reply others, "in the objection to this part of the plan, but we can never agree that a reference of impeachments to the judiciary authority would be an amendment of the error.
THE CHAIRMAN: `Yes, sir, if there must be an amendment.
ILLINGWORTH: `Your Grace, there must be an amendment.
Illingworth, I must direct you to bring your remarks to a conclusion and to move your amendment.
It is difficult to describe the confusion caused by this amendment.
On the other hand, the malcontents--and it cannot be denied that they were fairly numerous--cheered for the amendment, with cries of `Order
Grandfather promised amendment if ever he should have an opportunity to repeat his narrative.
I disclaimed all title to it, telling her her husband was predisposed to amendment before I added my mite of exhortation and encouragement, and that I had only done what she might, and ought to have done herself.
And this forgiveness we must bestow, without desire of amendment.
They were men whose opinions were their own property and not subject to revision and amendment, suggestion or criticism, by anybody, even their friends.
One great excellency in this tribe, is their skill at prognostics, wherein they seldom fail; their predictions in real diseases, when they rise to any degree of malignity, generally portending death, which is always in their power, when recovery is not: and therefore, upon any unexpected signs of amendment, after they have pronounced their sentence, rather than be accused as false prophets, they know how to approve their sagacity to the world, by a seasonable dose.
Three bills dropped by the House were the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2017] (Amendment in Article 91), and two bills regarding amendments in the Elections Bill, 2017.
Summary: BJP government in Jharkhand suffered an embarrassment when the Governor last week returned the amendments for reconsideration
He utilizes many examples and organizes the amendments for maximum understanding, e.
That is, he was a proponent of applying the original intent of the Constitution, including the Ninth and Tenth Amendments protecting the states from national government encroachments.