Fourteenth Amendment

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an amendment to the Constitution of the United States adopted in 1868

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However, these data are reported at a larger spatial scale than that of the MPA sites proposed in Amendment 14. It was therefore not possible to construct the needed data for a quantitative analysis to assess the socioeconomic effects that may arise due to the implementation of the proposed MPA's.
Finally, the SEDC says that the version of the energy efficiency directive (without Amendment 14) currently on the table at the Council could prevent European companies from generating between 3.5 billion and 5 billion a year in new direct revenues from their participation in the energy markets.
Adult American women were granted the right to vote by the 19th Amendment 14 years later.
The Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution not only abolished slavery (Amendment 13) and gave freed African-Americans voting rights (Amendment 15), but also defined citizenship rights to protect African-Americans from persecutory, racist laws in Southern states (Amendment 14).
Moreover, via Amendment 14, it called for a moratorium until the entry into force of specific legislation.
The rapporteur prefers a "clear" definition of energy poverty (amendment 14) and that member states submit energy poverty plans to be monitored by the Commission (amendment 9).
Finally, (Amendment 14) the Environment Committee also wishes to simplify the requirements for national waste management programmes, to make them less bureaucratic and more compatible with the subsidiarity principle.
The PM3000A tests to the 1995 version of EN 61000-3, and with the new Harmonic and Flicker Analysis PC Software, it also evaluates equipment to EN 61000-3 Amendment 14 standards.