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an amendment to the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing the right of free expression

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The motor vehicle exception to the Fourth Amendment, first recognized by the Supreme Court in Carroll v.
Because in recent history, courts (and various heads of the Justice Department) have reversed themselves in their interpretation of the Second Amendment, first deciding that it was an individual right and then deciding that it was a "collective" or state's right, and then back again, the Office of Legal Counsel examined the "Amendment's text, as commonly understood at the time of its adoption and interpreted in light of other provisions of the Constitution and the Amendment's historical antecedents, to discern its proper meaning.
of Oklahoma Press, 1979) (describing the ultimate rejection of amendment, first proposed by the South Carolina ratification convention and later considered in the House and, Senate during debates over the bill of rights, that would have inserted the word "other" before "religious" in Article VI and would thus have converted the oath into a religious test).
The effectiveness of the extension amendment is subject to certain conditions, including, among other things, within 90 days of the date of executing the extension amendment, First Data having issued senior secured notes yielding gross cash proceeds in an amount expected to be not less than $750 million, the net cash proceeds of which shall have been used to repay term loans under our senior secured term loan facility.
32) Similarly, Kyvig gives no indication that a victim's rights amendment, first introduced in 1990, has been resurrected(33) and has indeed, since both our books went to galleys, subsequently been endorsed by both President Clinton and former Senator Dole.