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Synonyms for complaint

Synonyms for complaint

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

a pathological condition of mind or body

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

Synonyms for complaint

an often persistent bodily disorder or disease

(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow

(civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based

(criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense

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The defendants move to dismiss the first three theories on the basis that the amended complaint does not plausibly state a claim for relief but concede that it does plausibly state a claim under the fourth theory.
After Dielectrics moved to dismiss the amended complaint, however, Bermudez voluntarily dismissed her public policy claim and a second judge also dismissed her claim for retaliatory termination.
The parties seem to assert that the Amazon bid was not submitted on behalf of Minnesota and therefore is not public data, according to the amended complaint. Alternatively, it says, they suggest the bid was submitted on behalf of the state, but never actually viewed or possessed by DEED staff.
The amended complaint also detailed comments made and actions taken by lawmakers about SCANA's role in the abandoned nuclear reactors, saying: "In other words, lawmakers weighed information presented to legislative committees without the benefit of any of the protections of judicial process." SCE&G also allege PSC actions "impermissibly infringe on SCE&G's constitutional rights, including by changing the legal consequences for past conduct, punishing SCE&G for conduct without appropriate process, and requiring SCE&G to return revised rates lawfully collected and stripping SCE&G of the revised rates that the PSC had previously approved."
According to the amended complaint, De Lima and Dayan violated Section 26(b) in relation to Section 5 (attempt or conspiracy to drug trading), and Section 28 (criminal liability of government officials) of the Republic Act No.
The SEC filed an amended complaint naming James Shaoul as an additional defendant in an insider trading case the agency filed earlier this year against his brother and another trader who allegedly profited by more than $925,000 trading in advance of a merger between technology companies Intel Corp.
On June 7, Aimco filed an amended complaint against Airbnb in the Superior Court of California seeking injunctive relief and restitution under that state's Unfair Competition Law.
Moreover, the amended complaint claims violations of state consumer protection laws in most of the states.
This week, BVS filed an amended complaint alleging, among other things, that CUES intentionally lied about working with BVS to get more customers.
The Central Bank received seven days to file an amended complaint that might meet jurisdictional muster.
In an amended complaint filed last year the investor, gambler and racehorse owner said he was a "citizen, domiciled and resident of Ireland" as defined in the double tax treaty between Ireland and the US.
When last we visited the Jahi McMath case, a judge gave her mother the chance to file an amended complaint showing that Jahi is alive, with the assurance that if properly pleaded, evidence of life could be brought She seems to have done just that.
Under this framework, a defendant was permitted to amend its answer, adding counterclaims only if the new counterclaims directly related to the changes made in the amended complaint.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Court (SC) hearing high treason case has accepted government plea seeking more time to file amended complaint against 3 accused except Pervez Musharraf in high treason case.
Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that Aiken should have allowed Dugan to file an amended complaint, because "a review of the record does not reveal that the complaint could not have been saved by amendment."