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Synonyms for complaint

Synonyms for complaint

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

a pathological condition of mind or body

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

Synonyms for complaint

an often persistent bodily disorder or disease

(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow

(civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based

(criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense

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Second, the "permissive" method allows a defendant served with an amended complaint to amend its answer and add any new or amended counterclaims freely, without leave of court, regardless of the context or scope of the changes in the amended complaint.
The court while directing the government to present amended complaint till January, 7 adjourned hearing of the case till January, 8.
Meanwhile, a JP Morgan spokeswoman said that the amended complaint was 'merit-less and was based on distortions of both the relevant facts and the governing law.
The amended complaint also includes a demand that the case be heard before a jury.
Tekmira's amended complaint adds new claims alleging breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, tortious interference with contractual relationships, and civil conspiracy.
Except as otherwise expressly recognized herein, Defendants deny each and every allegation contained in the Amended Complaint.
Judge Cecilia Altonaga honored plaintiffs' request and ordered them to file an amended complaint by July 12.
Judge Cecilia Altonaga honored plaintiffs' request and ordered them to file an amended complaint by July 12, wherein Holcim (US) and Eastern also were omitted from the defendant pool.
10) On October 28, 2004, ConnectU filed an amended complaint that added a federal-law claim for copyright infringement and premised jurisdiction solely on the existence of a federal question.
The court held that the amended answer of the defendant raised no new issues that would justify an amended complaint.
filed an amended complaint related to Chelsey Direct LLC's proposed acquisition of the company.
Ramon Eduardo Rodas Gaspar, who worked at Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center, was supposed to appear Tuesday before Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Karen Nudell to be arraigned on an amended complaint adding more alleged victims.
The trial court dismissed his complaint but gave Hill an opportunity to file an amended complaint to include allegations of injury in fact, if any such injury existed.
Insmed Incorporated (Richmond, VA) said the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted Insmed's Motion to Dismiss the Amended Complaint filed by Tercica, Inc.
PLF's amended complaint, filed late yesterday, alleges that this purported tax is illegal because it was introduced in the Senate rather than the House, as required by the Constitution's Origination Clause for new revenue-raising bills (Article I, Section 7).