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Egyptian sun god

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Sharon and her husband, Dana, also founded the Amen-Ra Bookshop and Gallery, the first and only African-centered bookstore in Tallahassee.
Produced by Amen-Ra Films and Peter Frankfurt and Marvel Comics, "Blade II" is directed by Guillermo del Toro ("Mimic," "The Devil's Backbone") and written by David Goyer.
And notwithstanding, he served as editor of The Bookmark from 1976-86 (in the fall of 1986 he relinquished the editorship to serve co-editor for five years), was contributing editor of AfroAmericans in New York Life and History, emeritus distinguished professor of Library Science at Amen-Ra Theological Seminary (Los Angeles, California), and served on the editorial advisory committee of Multicultural Review magazine.
Los Angeles: Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press, 1999.
Zulu is provost of instruction and curriculum at Amen-Ra Theological Seminary, Los Angeles; a librarian at Mesa Community College, editor of The Journal of Pan African Studies, editor of Africology: A Concise Dictionary (2007), editor of Authentic Voices: Axioms and Quotations from the African World Community (2002); author of Exploring the African Centered Paradigm: Discourse and Innovation in African World Community Studies (1999); vice president of the African Diaspora Foundation; executive director of the Los Angeles Black Book Expo; formerly head librarian at the Ralph J.