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a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath


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Amen Bank has a good banking franchise in Tunisia, with a solid market share in both deposits and loans.
This agreement will enable Amen Bank to offer MSMEs a wide range of finance from external resources on acceptable terms.
The AMEn of each feedstuff, which was determined by an in vivo bioassay, was calculated using the equation proposed by Matterson et al.
CONTACT: Kaitlyn Brumleu Amen Clinics 949-274-3530 kbrumleu@amenclinics.
Grand Exalted Ruler Amen congratulated the lodge members on their many successful charitable and patriotic accomplishments in the community.
Amen received more than 5,000 contacts last year which represents a surge in demand of 18%.
The IFC and two funds run by the IFC ''Asset Management Company'', will invest up to 48 million dollars in the capital of Amen Bank.
Amen has treated numerous athletes and has studied their brains as a result of these injuries.
Through her apothecary Amen sells a wide variety of international teas and spices, as well as small plated dishes that include vegan desserts, samosas (pastries stuffed with curried vegetables), and soups.
Amen, a board-certified psychiatrist and the medical director of Amen Clinics, Inc.
When facing the people, their manner of saying the Great AMEN sometimes sounds like: "Thank God that's over.
But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they reckon, and Amen main man Casey Chaos has drawn on those problems to fuel the uncompromising assault of new album Death Before Musick.
LOUIS (AP) -- Iraqi immigrant Khalid Amen lost his job as a part-time math teacher at St.
In this essay I examine the laws of saying amen to blessings in order to explore how certain legal decisions construct Judaic meaning.
Retired council roadsweeper Benjamin Low, the father of Andy Fairweather-Low - lead singer with '60s band Amen Corner - died at Llandough Hospital.