brown bullhead

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freshwater catfish of eastern United States

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vulgaris is a junior synonym of Ameiurus nebulosus, which is not native to Mississippi (Gilbert 1998:227) (although it has recently been introduced into the state [Ross 2001:309]), whereas ailurus is a junior synonym of Ameiurus natalis, which is widespread and common in the state.
2), 15(17, 1172) Moxostoma 5 (1, 139), 14 (1, 69) erythrurum 15 (8, 1475) Ictaluridae Ameiurus melas Ameiurus natalis 5 (1, 69) Ameiurus nebulosus 3 (3, 1284) 15 (1, 188) Noturus miurus 6 (2, 7.
Cope (1864) described two supposedly blind ictalurids from a Pennsylvania cave as a new species, Gronias nigrilabris, but Taylor (1969) identified them as Ameiurus nebulosus (Lesueur) and noted that both possessed two eyes (although the eyes were asymmetrically developed).
Spontaneous depigmentation in the catfish Ameiurus nebulosus.
Year Species 1941 1997 1998 Amia calva X Ctenopharyngodon idella X Erimyzon sucetta X Umbra limi X X Esox americanus X X X Esox lucius X X X Fundulus dispar X Fundulus notatus X Ameiurus nebulosus X Lepomis gulosus X X Lepomis macrochirus X X X Lepomis gibbosus X X Lepomis microlophus X Micropterus salmoides X X X Pomoxis annularis X Pomoxis nigromaculatus X Total species 7 8 10 Table 2.