Ambystoma talpoideum

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brownish-black burrowing salamander of southeastern United States

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Comments on the distribution of Ambystoma talpoideum (Holbrook) in Tennessee.
Key words: Ambystoma talpoideum, Ambystomatidae, harmonic radar detection, mole salamanders, terrestrial habitat, reflector tag, tracking
Semlitsch RD: Effects of implanted Tantalum-182 wire tags on the mole salamander, Ambystoma talpoideum.
Moseley KR, Castleberry SB and Ford WM: Coarse woody debris and pine litter manipulation effects on movement and microhabitat use of Ambystoma talpoideum in a Pinus taeda stand.
Demography of a population of Ambystoma talpoideum (Caudata: Ambystomatidae) in northwestern Louisiana.