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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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They noticed that he did not lay down upon the bed prepared for it in the ambulance the form that he carried, and all that he said was: "Drive like h**l, Wilson," to the driver.
William Jackson, the ambulance physician who attended the case, says the patient will recover."
A person in the service of the ambulance appeared, announcing that a bandage had slipped, and that one of the wounded men was to all appearance bleeding to death.
MAJOR ambulance trusts are increasingly relying on private ambulances to attend 999 calls, an investigation has found.
West Midland Ambulance Service has stopped using private ambulances, bucking a national trend.
RAWALPINDI -- Private ambulances are charging huge fares from members of bereaved families to transport bodies from hospitals as the number of official vehicles available especially at three allied hospitals are insufficient to meet the demand.
INEFFICIENCIESThis incident exposed the inefficient emergency healthcare in the county, which is largely characterised by delays.The irony is that, in the biggest public hospital in Mt Kenya region, three ambulances sit grounded at the parking lot.
The law was written to protect consumers with health insurance from receiving balance bills from air ambulances. It prohibits air ambulance subscription agreements from being sold and requires hospitals to inform patients in non-emergency situations about which air ambulances have contractual agreements with the patient's health insurance company so patients can make informed decisions about which air ambulance company they should use.
RAWALPINDI -- Four of Benazir Bhutto Hospital's (BBH) advanced life support ambulances are being used for VIP duties.
News Advanced Ford Transit ambulances developed for the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services on display at the Ferno-Washington stand at Arah Health 2019, the new Transit T-350 ambulance was customised by Horton and American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) in the US and fitted with the very latest patient care and safety equipment by Ferno-Washington, and telematics systems by Ferno-ACETECH.
There is a quasi-experimental study conducted by young scientists, focusing on the objective of determining the campaign's effectiveness to increase the percentage of vehicles that make way for ambulances. An information campaign was organized on a mass level to raise public awareness on the importance of providing a way to ambulances.
It is on record that the government procured 161 ambulances in 2016 for the Health Ministry and planned securing a further 200 for the heath sector.
THE Welsh Ambulance Service is set to replace 100 ambulances and other passenger transport vehicles with new, more efficient and greener vehicles.
Karachi -- Pakistani nationals in Australia have donated 50 ambulances to Edhi Foundation and these ambulances have been handed over to Faisal Edhi in Karachi by the incharge of Edhi foundation in Australia Hamid Khan.