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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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An ambulance orderly appeared with a huge basket full of lint rolls, provided by the forethought of the Queen for such as might need them later on.
Her ears caught a rumble, fainter than thunder, and the splash of horses' hoofs--"it's too muddy for the motor ambulance," she thought, mechanically.
As a stepping-stone I obtained an appointment in the American ambulance service and was on my way to France when three shrill whistles altered, in as many seconds, my entire scheme of life.
I was sitting on deck with some of the fellows who were going into the American ambulance service with me, my Airedale, Crown Prince Nobbler, asleep at my feet, when the first blast of the whistle shattered the peace and security of the ship.
had taken passage for France to join the American Ambulance was a well-known fact, and I had further substantiated by wire to the New York office of the owners, that a Miss La Rue had been booked for passage.
I am afraid you don't remember me, Sir Alfred," he said, "but I have been hoping for an opportunity of thanking you personally for the six ambulance cars you have endowed.
Every once in a while some robber turns soft-hearted and takes to driving an ambulance.
I strongly advise, Doctor Masters, a thorough fumigation of the ambulance afterward.
Doctor Masters, don't forget that ambulance when you're quit of the load.
He was not her child, she said, and recommended that the ambulance be called to take him to the city receiving hospital.
The policeman crawled to a police telephone on the corner and rang up for an ambulance.
They were now comfortably laid at rest in the kitchen, under the care of the French surgeon and the English nurse attached to the ambulance.
Vinegar, and the slapping of wrists and burnt feathers proving of no avail, some one ran to 'phone for an ambulance.
But now, just because it was terrible, because people broke their necks, and there was a doctor standing at each obstacle, and an ambulance with a cross on it, and a sister of mercy, he had made up his mind to take part in the race.
with my own hand, which, as you will gather, was not very badly wounded; it was simply this third finger that was split and in splints; and next morning the doctor packed me off on a bovine beast that would have done for an ambulance.