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a person who practices law

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an unethical lawyer who incites accident victims to sue

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He says that his agency has lost at least 1,000 job openings due to the persistent problem of ambulance chasing and its inherent financial burden: 'Filipino maritime professionals are competitive and attractive since they are dependable, hardworking and possess good communication skills and English language proficiency.
CF Sharp Crew Management president and CEO Miguel Rocha said his agency lost about 1,000 job vacancies abroad due to ambulance chasing scheme.
"While the code of Professional Responsibility of Lawyers prohibits ambulance chasing, no statutory provision exists which totally, directly, and expressly prohibits this abominable practice in the enforcement of labour rights," he said.
District Attorney Brett Ligon's office Friday dropped 10 felony counts of barratry - commonly known as ambulance chasing - against Reynolds that it had filed in state district court, and filed five counts of misdemeanor barratry against Reynolds in a Montgomery County court.
It said the activities of ambulance chasing lawyers and claims management firms, as well as staged "cash for crash" accidents, were driving up the number of claims.
"Ambulance chasing" lawyers will have their ads for personal injury claims curbed.
You also have no idea the damage to skilled nursing facilities and CCRCs that was caused by the "ambulance chasing" lawyers in Florida.
Why "uh-oh?" Because in this day and age, shouldn't the impropriety of ambulance chasing be self-evident?
Housing chief John Lines said: "Five years ago Birmingham was a soft touch for ambulance chasing lawyers.
I would make it an offence to delay or hinder rescue work by standing around or blocking emergency vehicles to have a look or harassing workers or victims - either on the scene or ambulance chasing.
He said: "It's typical ambulance chasing by lawyers who are doing this for business reasons.
"But if a company gets a reputation for doing this kind of thing again and again, people will ask, 'Are you doing ambulance chasing, or are you causing accidents by ambulance chasing?'"<p>Copyright 2009 IDG Middle East.
Studies examine ethics, rent-control violations, cheating on taxes, financial trust, prescription violations, ambulance chasing, victims, the legal process, and controversies regarding the concept of white-collar crime.
The high-pressure sales operation in claims was branded 'ambulance chasing'.
Panelist Allan Sabol of Colonial Metals Co., Columbia, Pa., likened such investing to "ambulance chasing."