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United States general in the American Civil War who was defeated by Robert E

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Both Gen Ambrose Burnside and Gen Joseph Hooker employed Lowe's balloons during the Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, respectively, but Hooker allowed the Topographical Corps to cut Lowe's pay and reduce his prestige.
Union General McClellan proves predictable; Ambrose Burnside also proves to be a somewhat reluctant warrior.
That Confederate force killed those Northern troops, and killed those Northern troops, and Ambrose Burnside never came down to find out why.
That speech roused the ire of Major General Ambrose Burnside, who had recently been appointed military commander of Ohio.
While a servant of General Ambrose Burnside, he met and had a memorable conversation with President Abraham Lincoln about using black troops, a conversation that he recounted often and that constitutes one of the most dramatic encounters described in his memoirs.
SIDEBURNS are named after Ambrose Burnside, a Union General in the US Civil War (1861-65).
Of that day's 23,000 casualties, a number fell at the bridge that morning during a series of vain attacks by Union General Ambrose Burnside.
Halleck as generals in chief, and by McClellan, John Pope, Ambrose Burnside, Joseph Hooker, and George G.
Merbhan (Phil Thomas); Daniel Pettler (Tootill) WPTSUN Aiden Collins (Hartlepool Catholic); Ryan Whiteley (Plains Farm) LRSC2 Robert Bennett (East Middlesbrough); Liam Cammock (Horden) WPTSUN Ambrose Burnside (Ward Degnans); Callum Pringle (Easington) LPTSUN Paul Broome (Sunderland East End); Gavin Martin (Easington) LPTSM Aaron Sargeant (East Middlesbrough).
Events leading up to the battle are reviewed, as well as how the regiment tunneled, the subsequent attack, and the roles of generals George Meade and Ambrose Burnside.
Following the battle of Chancellorsville, he discusses General Joe Hooker as well as General Ambrose Burnside.
It's possible that the afforested gent had been identified earlier and Professor Duffield had already delivered an address on Masuriya Din, General Ambrose Burnside etc.
Sideburns are named after General Ambrose Burnside, who fought for the Union in the American Civil War.