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(Roman Catholic Church) Roman priest who became bishop of Milan

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It's magnificent, Ambrose, but it's damnably foolish."
I was in Berlin six weeks ago, Ambrose. There wasn't a soul who ever knew it.
"Perhaps they knew and said nothing," Ambrose suggested softly.
"When the history of this war is written, Ambrose, with flamboyant phrases and copious rhetoric, there will be unwritten chapters, more dramatic, having really more direct effect upon the final issue than even the great battles which have seemed the dominant factors.
"You knew Jenkinson, didn't you, Ambrose?" asked Mr.
"Jenkinson of Cats--d'you still keep up with him?" asked Ambrose.
Ambrose throw himself violently against the back of his chair, while Mr.
Ambrose, who had been speaking much at random, now reflected that she certainly did not look forward to the intimacy of three or four weeks on board ship which was threatened.
Do they take after you or Ambrose? They've got good heads on their shoulders, I'll be bound?"
Ambrose's worst suspicions were confirmed; she went down the passage lurching from side to side, and fending off the wall now with her right arm, now with her left; at each lurch she exclaimed emphatically, "Damn!"
Springing forward, he hurled his unwieldy weapon at brother Ambrose, and, as desk and monk clattered on to the floor together, he sprang through the open door and down the winding stair.
"Bob" Ambrose, 74, of Pana, passed away April 30, 2019 in McLean County Nursing Home, Normal, Illinois after a long struggle with obstructive pulmonary disease.
Roman Reigns 6 real name Joe Anoa'i 6 has revealed that it came as a shock when he heard about Dean Ambrose's impending departure from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
WHEN Efe Ambrose left Celtic almost two years ago he was practically laughed out of Parkhead.