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(Roman Catholic Church) Roman priest who became bishop of Milan

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Ambrose stood quite still, much longer than is natural, the little boys let her be.
Ambrose had to speak sharply; by this time he was far away.
Ambrose understood that after all it is the ordinary thing to be poor, and that London is the city of innumerable poor people.
Ambrose was romantic and beautiful; not perhaps sympathetic, for her eyes looked straight and considered what they saw.
Ambrose throw himself violently against the back of his chair, while Mr.
You needn't play at being headquarters, Ambrose," he said hoarsely.
There isn't one of these men who are sitting in judgment upon us to-day, Ambrose, who would listen to me for a single moment if I were to take the bull by the horns and say that the traitor we seek is one of ourselves.
You're right," Ambrose murmured, "but do you believe it?
We've suffered enough, Ambrose, in this country from civil spies--the Government are to blame for that.
It's magnificent, Ambrose, but it's damnably foolish.
This plaint is thine, as I learn, brother Ambrose," said he.
First, that on the above-mentioned Feast of the Assumption, small beer having been served to the novices in the proportion of one quart to each four, the said brother John did drain the pot at one draught to the detriment of brother Paul, brother Porphyry and brother Ambrose, who could scarce eat their none-meat of salted stock-fish on account of their exceeding dryness,"
Monica, mother of the holy Augustine, he was heard by brother Ambrose and others to say that he wished twenty thousand devils would fly away with the said Monica, mother of the holy Augustine, or any other saint who came between a man and his meat.
It is true also that I did lay my hands upon this jack-fool of a brother Ambrose, though, as you can see, I did him little scathe.
Vanborough is a single woman; their child is illegitimate, and the priest, Ambrose Redman, is liable to be tried, and punished, as a felon, for marrying them.