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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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Wel zijn er in Ambon, Batavia en Ceylon scholen ter opleiding van predikanten en andere kerkelijke functionarissen opgezet, maar deze eindigden vrijwel alle voortijdig.
The Ambon scenario proved that the Internet does not always act as catalyst to shape a better future world, but can produce counter-productive outcomes.
Francis Xavier Cathedral Church said that the April 3 explosion in Ambon, capital of strife-torn Maluku province, "took place in a Christian area near Amboina Hotel."
At least 60 people have been killed in the past six days in Ambon. More than 100 died in a Muslim attack on a Christian village in the north of the island group eight days ago.
The earliest source referring to the music-cultures of north and central Maluku was a set of volumes about the Indonesian archipelago by the Dutch clergyman Valentijn.(8) Thereafter the most useful sources include descriptions of the indigenous and European-influenced music and dance in Protestant Ambon by the English writer Wallace.(9) A study in Dutch about some Malay songs and dances in Ambon and the Uliase archipelago (i.e.
Luib's lawyer Zaldy Ambon said his client was bothered by his conscience and has decided to come clean and admit to the crime.
" The quake hit at a depth of 208 kilometers (129 miles) south of Ambon island in the Banda Sea at 11:53 local time, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.
(1) Three weeks later, on 19 January 1999, a dispute between two Muslim youths and a Christian city transport driver over a bus fare ignited communal conflict in Ambon, Maluku.
I was scheduled to depart Jakarta at 5:05am on February 16, 2015, and arrive in Tual in Maluku at 1:50 pm, transiting through Ambon. This itinerary devolved into a 30-hour trip.
AMBON Human rights non-profits have begun a campaign for the release of a 15-year-old Indonesian girl raped by her brother, after she was given a six-month prison sentence for having an abortion, an activist said on Wednesday.
Next year the road to Air Nanang will be operational, so that the Waisala Port and Air Nanang Port will be connected,' said Satrio Sugeng Prayitno, Head of National Road Implementation Agency (BPJN) XVI Ambon, while inspecting the project site recently.
As a result, Petronas' cash balance increased significantly and it was able to invest and expand to implement game changer projects such as Pengerang Rapid,Sarawak Oil and Gas Integration Project (SSIOGP) and the Sabah Ambon and Urea (Samur) project.
annulus, based on shell morphology; analyze the size and stages of the development of gold ring cowrys and investigate the similarities and phenotypic distances of gold ring cowrys in Ambon and Larat Island with numerical taxonomic approaches.
Throughout the restoration of the church's court, workers came across "Ambon", which is an elevated platform with stairs used by monks at the sermon.