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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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annulus shell specimens were collected from waters of Larat Island, West Southeast Maluku and Ambon Island waters, Ambon City (Figure 1).
In the final substantive chapter, Al Qurtuby addresses the violent riots and other incidents that have occurred in Ambon and Maluku since the end of major hostilities.
In this richly illustrated publication she explores the development of dress systems in Ambon from roughly 1850 till 1942 and examines why and how these systems were employed and to what effect.
An air traffic controller in Ambon had received a bomb threat via text message as the plane headed toward its intended destination of Jakarta, he said.
Through the Masariku Mailing List, the connection between Moluccans in Ambon, Indonesia and overseas has been established, and the interactive nature of the project promoted the 'communitization' of the list members.
The epicenter was 250 km northeast of Kepulauan Baratdaya Regency, Maluku province, 367 km from Maluku's capital Ambon with a depth of 40 km under the sea.
Fareed Aquino led Alinma on 788 followed by Jess Ambon 756, Leo Mabunga 726 and Abdulrahman Ahmed 602.
The researchers are actively exploring the possibility that the African coins came from a medieval Arab trading ship plying a route that linked Zimbabwe, Kilwa, Arabia, Persia, India and islands in the Indonesian archipelago such as Banda and Ambon.
The Darwin to Ambon Yacht Race & Rally attracts a substantial fleet of national and international yachts as well as plenty of local boats.
They are Sultan Hassanudin airport, Pattimura airport of Ambon, Lombok International Airport, Sam Ratulangi airport of Manado and Adi Sumarmo airport of Solo.
The Putri Ayu boat was traveling from Maluku's provincial capital, Ambon, to the nearby island of Buru when it capsized after being battered by a 3-metre-high (10-foot-high) wave.
Sixty-six years on, 89-year-old former airman Harries has again been able to share his memories of the Moluccas Islands of Ambon and Haruku in Indonesia after being reunited with the few who survived.
Rumf took up documenting natural history on the island of Ambon.
Lion Air, Boeing and the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation are said to have already performed validation flights to test tailor-made RNP Authorisation Requires (RNP AR) procedures at Ambon and Manado in Indonesia.
While most previous research has focused on the Ambon conflict, and regarded the cases of North Maluku as a part or consequence of it, this book addresses the latter by finding motives from localised contexts, distinguishing the violence from the Ambon conflict.