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the normal temperature of room in which people live

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The Rittal Blue e+ cooling unit incorporates heat pipe technology delivers cooling in a similar manner to an air-to-air heat exchanger, using fans alone, when the ambient temperature is sufficiently low.
High ambient temperature (HAT) is a life-threatening factor for commercial broiler production particularly in hot climates, where poultry producers cannot afford expensive artificial control of high temperature in broiler shed (Deeb and Cahaner, 2001; Khan et al., 2014).
The effects of the ambient temperature, solar irradiation, compressor frequency, and the operating modes on the performance of this system were studied.
The average daily values of ambient temperature, relative humidity and air pressure was 11.64 [+ or -] 8.94[degrees]C, 71.8 [+ or -] 14.04% and 1016.72 [+ or -] 7.43 hPa, respectively (Table 2).
The possibility of bleaching of jute at ambient temperature has been explored using sodium persulphate as peroxygen booster.
The lambs under the higher ambient temperature seemed to be the most stressed, which is reflected by the higher pHu.
By lack of exposure to a varied ambient temperature, whole populations may be prone to develop diseases like obesity.
Figure 3 and 4 show the total cooling capacity and source gas COP of the FFMHP, varying with engine speed and ambient temperatures. One can see that the total cooling capacity is mainly a function of the engine speed and ambient temperature.
However, the performance of the POC test for malaria would be far from ideal as, at temperature extremes, patients would have warm clothing while laboratory/testing areas would be at ambient temperature. Higher ambient temperatures might also selectively impair the performance of any POC malaria test.
The chilled fruits were evaluated after 75-day storage at 2.5 +- 1oC either immediately or after 7 days of incubation period at ambient temperature (18-25degC) for chilling tolerance, disease resistance and quality of sweet orange fruits.
The temperature of a transformer, often considered as hot spot temperature (HST), is primarily controlled by ambient temperature and load, where ambient temperature is the dominated factor.
You'll confirm that the temperature of the bolt will not be appreciably higher than the ambient temperature. You can even take the bolt out immediately and place your finger against the gas tube extending into the receiver, and it won't be much higher than ambient temperature.
When the ambient temperature is less than the chilled-water flow temperature, then it is possible to use "free cooling" as either pre-cooling or as a total cooling system (this is another reason to increase the flow temperatures; it makes free cooling applicable for longer periods of the year).
Temperature thresholds of 14 and 20 C that induce physiological responses by moose are from data collected on 2 captive moose in Alberta that increased respiration rate when exposed to ambient temperature >14[degrees]C and began open-mouthed panting when temperature exceeded 20[degrees]C (Renecker and Hudson 1986).