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the normal temperature of room in which people live

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In conclusion: A dearth of malaria POC test results should not be considered to be a handicap by any laboratory, since a thorough evaluation of peripheral blood smears detecting different Plasmodium species would be ideal for diagnosing malaria even at higher and lower ambient temperatures.
Biomatrica's novel chemical stabilization technology offers significant advantages in costs and performance for ambient temperature assays," said Rolf Muller, Ph.
Free cooling is very suitable for plastics processing because ambient temperatures in many parts of the world are similar to chilled-water flow temperatures, and free cooling can be used to its best advantage.
Black globe thermometers measure the thermal environment by incorporating ambient temperature, wind velocity, and radiant energy (Bond and Kelly 1955).
The null hypothesis, H0, that there is no significant difference between the mean values of the parameters in tomatoes ripened under field ripening and those ripened under ambient temperature was tested against the alternative hypothesis, [H.
Mean ([+ or -] 1 SE) ambient temperature ([degrees]C), snake body temperature ([degrees]C), and thermoregulatory effectiveness ([d.
The minutes also seemingly claim the ambient temperature shall be taken solely from the timing monitors.
94 log CFU per g on the acetic acid-treated almonds chilled to ambient temperature and stored at ambient temperature for three days, respectively.
Pigs are highly sensitive to the ambient temperature.
To determine the influence of changing humidity on cockle, we subjected a sample of paper to cyclic humidity conditions ranging from 50% to 85% RH at a constant ambient temperature.
That point varies based on mileage, ambient temperature, and engine temperature.
Pulsed mode operation of the device was used to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor to fluctuations in ambient temperature.
Human mortality is clearly associated with ambient temperature effects," Gordon says.
These principal green sand test procedures focus on the physical properties of sand measured in ambient temperature conditions.
So the materials ensure that the little building has high thermal capacity: it absorbs daytime heat (when the ambient temperature varies between 25 deg and 30 deg C).