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the normal temperature of room in which people live

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The objective of the present study was to investigate the immune response and antioxidant status of four commercial broiler strains (Ross, Hubbard, Cobb and Arber Acres) reared in thermo neutral (TN) and high ambient temperature (HAT).
Figure "Deviation of Skin Temperature from Core Temperature as a Function of Ambient Temperature for a Nude Person" 1
For example bleaching and dyeing of jute at ambient temperature is one of these initiative regarding pretreatment.
In conclusion: A dearth of malaria POC test results should not be considered to be a handicap by any laboratory, since a thorough evaluation of peripheral blood smears detecting different Plasmodium species would be ideal for diagnosing malaria even at higher and lower ambient temperatures.
Free cooling is very suitable for plastics processing because ambient temperatures in many parts of the world are similar to chilled-water flow temperatures, and free cooling can be used to its best advantage.
Black globe thermometers measure the thermal environment by incorporating ambient temperature, wind velocity, and radiant energy (Bond and Kelly 1955).
Figure 5 compares the electrical energy consumption of Equinox House for the varying ambient temperature (Cases 3 to 6); representing the ICF foundation without insulation, a perfectly insulated floor, and the ICF foundation with 150 mm and 300 mm (6 in.
I run a successful, busy company and the ease with which I can get assurance of ambient temperature remotely, from anywhere in my factory, or my fleet in the yard, is one less headache for me.
Aside from reducing electrical energy costs, there are other benefits to ensuring that the oil temperature never drops below 5--C irrespective of ambient temperature.
The objective of the present study was to examine and elucidate the physiological and biochemical changes in tomato fruits composition during ripening in the field and at the ambient temperature using two tomato cultivars (Ibadan-local and Roma cultivars) grown in the southwestern and northern parts of Nigeria, respectively.
However, very few machines will be applied in conditions that include maximum heat rejection and maximum ambient temperature simultaneously.
Supreme 65HT-6 is described as a "breakthrough" snap-cure epoxy that cures in 3 to 5 rain at ambient temperature.
A precise reading of the temperature which shows fuel at more than 10 degrees below ambient temperature.