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Panasonic will promote the provision of total solutions to create high added-value spaces by leveraging the ambient lighting know-how that it has acquired over the years.
Panasonic proposes "Projection Lighting," a new ambient lighting concept, using the Space Player that works both as a spotlight and projector.
We generally agree that retail which depends too much on ambient lighting rather than accent lighting uses more energy with less effect than lighting which primarily accents the merchandise.
Ambient light sensors allow real-time brightness control in response to ambient lighting, while proximity sensors can be used to turn backlighting on and off based on user interactions, usage models and power conservation requirements.
The analysts forecast the Global Automotive Ambient Lighting market to decline at a CAGR of 0.
Panasonic Corporation announced that it will begin selling the "Space Player", a new type of lighting equipment combining the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors to offer non-conventional ambient lighting, as well as projection contents in Japan from July 1, 2014.
Ambient Lighting: A photo luminescent LLEPM system requires ambient lighting to be effective.
It relies on color contrast, making it resistant to ambient lighting effects.
Sometimes, to enhance visibility for the aging eye, task lighting and ambient lighting have to be balanced--for example, enhancing contrast by turning on the task lighting and dimming the ambient lighting.
AMBIENT lighting helps to create a mood and feel of a room.
When used in conjunction with the TSL25711FN,the VEE and DPO provide mobile device users with an exceptional viewing experience in all ambient lighting conditions, while simultaneously extending battery life.
Metalized and Ambient Lighting Offer Interior Customization for Any Vehicle Exhibited During NAIAS Press Preview and Industry Preview in Room O2-39
The prominent real estate developer has not only created over 55,000 square feet of pre-built units in four of its properties, but it has embellished the spaces with above standard installations, private office and conference rooms, cherry-stained doors, glass sidelights for ambient lighting, reception areas with recessed down-lights, and fully-equipped pantries.
The calibrated LCD screen plus controlled ambient lighting conditions reportedly ensure accurate reproduction of colors on-screen.
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