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The Space Player possesses both lighting and projection functions and provides new ambient lighting (the product release was announced on Feb.
Further expansion of the ambient lighting business due to synergy effects produced in combination with existing businesses
Rudimentary ambient lighting mechanisms first started to be included in vehicles about four years ago.
Importantly, ambient lighting did not influence the driver's performance (although this was restricted to staying within a lane in this test).
The Galaxy Ghia adds new 10-spoke 17in alloy wheels, Solar Reflect Windscreen, ambient lighting and rear compartment air-conditioning.
Sloan Valve Company now offers Solis[TM], an electronic, solar-powered faucet that operates via ambient lighting.
While it satisfies energy code lighting control requirements that demand bi-level control switching, it turns lights on and off based on occupancy and ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the time-delay and sensitivity based on usage patterns.
Ambient lighting is the lighting throughout the general area that produces general illumination, Laberge explains.
AMBIENT lighting helps to create a mood and feel of a room.
Mobile and portable designers are faced with designing devices that can be viewed comfortably independent of ambient lighting conditions and that maximize battery life.
Panasonic Corporation announced that it will begin selling the "Space Player", a new type of lighting equipment combining the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors to offer non-conventional ambient lighting, as well as projection contents in Japan from July 1, 2014.
Based on the input from an analog ambient light sensor, the driver can adjust the backlight current automatically to match display luminosity to the ambient lighting conditions.
Ambient Lighting: A photo luminescent LLEPM system requires ambient lighting to be effective.
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