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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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Lasciato il manto, ambe le chiave e 'l regno ond'io si chiaro andai fra tanti eroi, oggi, Signor, divoto a' piedi tuoi qual servo umil, qual peccator io vegno.
We are pleased to offer our mutual multinational clients the combination of AT&T's footprint with the infrastructure of our operating companies, from Telmex to Embratel and Claro," said Isidoro Ambe Attar, Corporate Executive Vice President at Telmex.
Undrawn Drawings: Works of Paper-Noriko Ambe, Gareth James, Thomas
A dramatic price reduction by Ambe Medical Group has started to herald a big change in diabetes management and NHS strategy.
Ambe and Nazar then teamed up to put on 132 for the third wicket until the former was out for a fine 55.
Indi, tagliando al morto ambe le mani, quelle insieme col cuore e con la testa pose in questo bacino, ivi recato, ricoprendol col panno d'ogni intorno.
Worshippers say that a statue of a Hindu goddess called Mata Ambe began to bleed around the bindi spot on her forehead.
ambe pe dia `take OBM 3SG' (1981: 344, sub [201) and bilang pe Eto' `say to Eto'' (1981: 338, sub [291).
BIT OF THE BOWK J Lambert has now hit back at Bowkett, right BI BIT OF OF THE HE BOW OWK J Lam ambe bert rt h K ow ow hit it bac ack at at Bow owke kett tt, ri righ ght has as no
Ambe Medical Group Ambe House Commerce Way Edenbridge TN8 6ED T: +44(0)1732760900 Ext; 212
Runs were hard to come by as Ambe - one of five lbw victims - was out for 29, Javed for 20 and Aharif and Awan 15 each as the home side were all out for 134 in the 38th over, Ben Roebuck claiming 5-35.
In order for ESL learners to function in an academic setting, it is essential that they master how to read in English, their L2 (Rivers, 1987; Dubin, Eskey, & Grabe, 1986; Ambe, Falconer, & Leewer, 2004).
Ambe Abdillahi Omer, 39, apparently poisoned sweets he handed out at the celebration near the Ethiopian border, and also put poison in water jugs and on eating utensils.