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Synonyms for amazon

a large strong and aggressive woman


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(Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)

a major South American river

mainly green tropical American parrots

References in classic literature ?
Would he consent to leave his daughter with them when they landed, instead of taking her on up the Amazons?
You can imagine that I could hardly come away from the Amazon without probing deeper into the matter.
None can describe its shape or nature, but it is a word of terror along the Amazon. Now all tribes agree as to the direction in which Curupuri lives.
Amazons path to home domination requires persuading Americans to connect appliances and everyday things to the Internet thermostats, lights, even water filters.
Amazons customers automatically start with 5 GB of Cloud Drive storage to upload their digital music library.
lawmakers ( have asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a letter on Monday if the "Amazon's Choice" label on certain products could be determined by fake reviews, which would trick shoppers into purchasing goods of inferior quality.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 29, 2011-Amazon introduces Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web and Amazon Cloud Player for Android(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' obsession with one-day delivery is costing Inc.
Amazon is trying to replace its reliance on shipping partners including FedEx and UPS (( NYSE:UPS ) by building out its in-house logistics network.
Most consumers don't realize that when they go to (( NASDAQ:AMZN ) , more often than not, they're not actually buying products from Amazon. Third-party sellers on Amazon's marketplace account for ( 58% of gross merchandise volume  bought on the website.
Amazon doesn't break out its ad revenue, but its "other" revenue line item, which consists mostly of advertising, more than doubled in 2018, to $10.1 billion.
Amazon's (( NASDAQ:AMZN ) advertising business had a stellar 2018, more than doubling year over year to reach about $10 billion.
A small but vocal group of Virginians brandishing anti-Amazon slogans failed to convince the Arlington County Board from voting unanimously in favor of Amazon receiving a financial package that will ensure the company establishes its second headquarters, or HQ2, within the city.
Third-party merchants already account for more than half of sales on Amazon's (( NASDAQ ( :AMZN ) marketplace.
"We look at Amazon as a wonderful company and service and they're a good customer of ours," FedEx CEO Fred Smith said during the company's ( second-quarter earnings call .