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a large strong and aggressive woman


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(Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)

a major South American river

mainly green tropical American parrots

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Distance-dependence in two Amazonian palms: effects of spatial and temporal variation in seed predator communities.
A five-day practice walk across the Yorkshire Dales was a warm-up for a month in Ecuador and the Andes and Amazonian adventures.
There are times when, by being so exhaustive, the book's first sections--the detailed chronicling of expedition after expedition, for instance--become a little exhausting, but as a primer in the events of Amazonian history between the 16th and 18th centuries, the book works well enough.
In the absence of agreed-upon alternatives to conventional development models, it seems likely that Amazonian nations will in large measure continue to go in for conventional development.
The Amazonian rainforest depends on Saharan dust for many of its nutrients, including iron and phosphorus (SN: 9/29/01, p.
Last time I was there, about four years ago, I plucked up the courage to talk to Fiona Bruce who's an Amazonian Goddess in the flesh.
Research among tribes deep in the Amazonian jungle has shown that people with no formal education have an innate ability to understand geometry - so much so that they scored the same in tests as pupils in United States schools.
THE Bolivian government has declared a state of emergency in the Amazonian provinces of Beni and Pando, in the north-east, after fires that have so far devoured an estimated 1.
He worked in the Philippines and the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil early in his career and was a member of the North West England prison chaplain team.
Effects of subsistence hunting on vertebrate community structure in Amazonian forests.
A], November 7 (ANI): The whole world was in awe of Gal Gadot's portrayal of 'Wonder Woman', but it seems like her kids are more concerned about their food than mom playing the Amazonian princess.
Expanded and rewritten from presentations to a July 2012 international Americanist convention in Vienna, 11 studies explore indigenous perceptions of leadership in lowland and highland South America, changing styles of leadership in lowland South America, and Amazonian indigenous actors in state politics.
It's not a party without a cake of the Amazonian superhero, and of course Gal Gadot herself loved it:
Following the successful partnership of O3b and Ozonio to bring services to Tefe, the company said Tabatinga is the next Amazonian city to be connected under this partnership.
The mysterious fish in Lake Dojran whose specimens were taken to the Hydro-Biological Institute of Ohird are not piranhas but Amazonian pacu, which isn't dangerous for the people and will disappear by the time winter comes because they live in rivers whose temperature never goes below 20 degrees Celsius, Dnevnik reports.