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Synonyms for amazon

a large strong and aggressive woman


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(Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)

a major South American river

mainly green tropical American parrots

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Habitat specificity of two palm species: experimental transplantation in Amazonian successional forests.
When an Army fighter pilot, Steve Trevor crash-lands on the island Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying him back to civilisation.
A five-day practice walk across the Yorkshire Dales was a warm-up for a month in Ecuador and the Andes and Amazonian adventures.
BRAZIL HAS A PRODIGIOUS ABILITY to spend billions of dollars on Amazonian projects of little bene fit to Amazonian people, flora, and fauna.
PERU and Colombia yesterday called on fellow Amazonian countries to attend a presidential meeting next month on the forest fires raging in Brazil and Bolivia and to forge a pact to protect the forest.
ANKARA (AA): French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that G-7 countries agreed to provide more than $20 million to Amazonian countries to help the country with rainforest fires which reduce biodiversity and speed global warming.
"I regret that president Macron seeks to take advantage of what is a domestic Brazilian issue and of other Amazonian countries for personal political gain," Bolsonaro tweeted, targeting what he called Macron's "sensationalist tone"
LIMA, PERU * When Pope Francis came face to face with more than 2,000 Amazonian indigenous people in Peru in January 2018, he told them the place where they live is holy ground, and that they and the Amazon region are important to the Catholic Church and the entire world.
Botanists have discovered a new species of orchid in Peru's central Amazonian rainforest, the country's national parks service announced Tuesday.
Expanded and rewritten from presentations to a July 2012 international Americanist convention in Vienna, 11 studies explore indigenous perceptions of leadership in lowland and highland South America, changing styles of leadership in lowland South America, and Amazonian indigenous actors in state politics.
ANOTHER week, another picture of Charlize Theron looking like an Amazonian goddess as she continues with the publicity tour for her new flick.
It's not a party without a cake of the Amazonian superhero, and of course Gal Gadot herself loved it:
Following the successful partnership of O3b and Ozonio to bring services to Tefe, the company said Tabatinga is the next Amazonian city to be connected under this partnership.