Amazon River

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a major South American river

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Material pertinent to the taxonomic study on Rivulus from the Brazilian Amazonas river basin is listed in the taxonomical accounts below.
Madeira river drainage, Amazonas river basin, in Bolivia and Brazil.
Orinoco river basin, Guiana rivers, eastern Amazonas river basin and adjacent coastal areas in Venezuela, Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Brazil.
Belem, at the mouth of the Amazonas River, and Manaus, on the left bank of the Rio Negro far upstream, are at either end of a route along which flows the extensive river traffic of the region.
The town of Parintins, located in the Tupinambarana Island in the middle course of the Amazonas River, has a population of around 42,000, and the surrounding county of the same name around 60,000.
The river steamers (gaiolas) sailing up and down the Amazonas River generally have a bar on the top deck, flanked by two enormous speakers constantly playing the Ox Dance toadas on their voyages back and forth.
Such effects as the storm of pink rain and the mysterious Amazonas river spirits were well depicted by Francesca Zambello's production with Robert Israel's sets.