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a genus of Psittacidae

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Satellite images showed the northern state of Roraima covered in smoke, and neighbouring Amazonas has declared a state of emergency.
The majority of the victims were discovered at the Antonio Trindade institute near Manaus, while deaths were also reported at the Puraquequara and Provisional Detention Center facilities in Amazonas state.
Colonel Marcos Vinicius Almeida, head of jails in Amazonas, told reporters here that the violence was sparked by "infighting among inmates." No prison guard has been harmed or taken hostage.
The Amazonas state prison agency said the prisoners found dead on Monday all showed signs of asphyxia.
The Amazonas state prison agency said all 42 prisoners found dead in Manaus on Monday showed signs of asphyxia.
Danny Amazonas, who enjoys employing fragments of floral fabric as his favorite medium, manages to create a unique style of quilt art fusing photography and mosaic crafts.
Washington: The government of Amazonas improved its tax collection, implemented a more efficient and transparent procurement system, and invested in higher-quality citizen security services and better access to services for women.
This work was funded by the Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado do Amazonas (EDITAL N.
niger specimens were collected in streams at the Daracua community (Figure 1), located in the Mariua Archipelago in the basin of the middle Rio Negro, near the town of Barcelos, Amazonas state, Brazil.
SAO PAULO, Safar 08, 1439, October 28, 2017, SPA -- Police in Brazil say gold miners have torched the offices of the country's environmental protection agency Ibama in the northern jungle state of Amazonas, according to AP.