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a genus of Psittacidae

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Serum corticosterone concentrations in response to restraint, anesthesia, and skin testing in Hispaniolan Amazon parrots (Amazona centralis).
Amazona albifrons or Eupsittula nana), while the most affected will be those species with less environmental tolerance (e.g.
Polydactyly and fluctuating asymmetry in a wild bluefronted Amazon nestling (Amazona aestiva): clinical signs of developmental stress?
It has been named Amazona gomezgarzai in honour of the man who discovered it.
Avipoxviruses have been described in Brazilian Amazona spp.
He will now meet Eleftherios Christou in the final, who overcame a stiff resistance from Reynaldo Amazona.
Entre estas especies esta el loro cabeza amarilla Amazona oratrix, que esta incluida en la NOM-059-2010 como en peligro de extincion (SEMARNAT 2010), y su situacion es critica por la perdida del habitat y por su elevado valor en el mercado ilegal de mascotas (Cantu-Guzman et al.
Sometimes, as in Amazona (Amazon), 1.968, or Antigonth (Antigone), 1970, the works' titles underline their figurative references, but in other cases they insist on abstraction, as in Modulo infinito (infinite Module), 1.978.
The reproductive cycle and the availability of resources are also factors that contribute towards variations in the size and in the composition of groups such as the genus Amazona throughout the year (JUNIPER; PARR, 1998; PIZO, 2002).
In his right ear he wears two cockatoo (Cacatua sp.) feathers and one Amazon parrot (Amazona sp.) feather.