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a genus of Psittacidae

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Rocuronium bromide has recently been reported to dilate the pupil of orange-winged parrots (Amazona amazonica) (36) and several other species of birds, including Hispaniolan Amazon parrots, (37,38) tawny owls (Strix aluco), (39) common buzzards (Buteo buteo), little owls, (40) and European kestrels (Falco tinnunculus).
Factors affecting the life history, abundance and distribution of the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis) on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.
Yellowhead Amazon parrots are well-known to bird fans for having a voluminous vocabulary.
Previously, the Ecuador Amazon parrot was considered to be a subspecies of a common group of birds, with a population of about five million.
An Amazon Parrot had plucked out its own feathers while suffering anxiety.
We aired out the apartment and considered ourselves lucky until the next morning, when my lilac crested Amazon parrot was having trouble breathing and, within minutes, died in my hands.
Just like in the movie classic Treasure Island, which featured the adventures of Long John Silver, Tim's two-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot is perched almost permanently on his shoulder.
The couple found the blue-fronted Amazon parrot was as talkative as a Trappist monk and as vicious as a vulture after taking it home to their children, Emma, 11, Lauren, 10, and Sarah, eight.
George, a 30-year-old yellow-headed Amazon parrot, fires off so much four-letter filth he has upset customers and been banished from the ba r area.
The Green Amazon parrot, called Banjo, hasn't been seen since he flew out of an open door at his Ballycogly Castle home in Wexford two weeks.
Nicola Smith, 31, was told by a sheriff that she could keep orangewinged Amazon parrot Gaz despite her ex Kevin Holmes claiming the bird was his.
Jilted boyfriend Kevin Holmes claimed he was the rightful owner of Gaz, a foul-mouthed Amazon parrot whose favourite phrase is "cheeky b***".
Ollie, a blue-fronted Amazon parrot, escaped through an open conservatory window a week last Thursday.
Despite having his wings clipped just three weeks ago Goldie, a bright green Amazon parrot with a yellow head, and red, purple and yellow wings, disappeared from his home in Wood End on Friday.