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remove from a box

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"It raises an opportunity in an interesting area that we're going to be thinking about," Amazon Unbox exec Roy Price says.
According to Amazon, the Amazon Unbox service will offer titles from TV networks such as Fox and CBS, cable channels E!
Amazon Unbox will make TV shows available at USD1.99 per episode, with movies priced between USD3.99 and USD14.99.
The most heated debate at the indie digital distribution panel was between Amazon Unbox exec Roy Price and two filmmakers in the audience who argued that "Who Killed the Electric Car?" was only an Unbox hit because it had already played in theaters.
Tim Appelo left his critic post at the Seattle Weekly for a more remunerative job as content editor at Amazon Unbox; he writes a blog that steers Amazon readers to his fave raves.
Almost 400 hours of content from BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, and BBC World, the BBC's international 24/7 news and information channel, is to be provided for Amazon Unbox, a new digital video download service introduced by Internet retailer Amazon.com in the US.
Amazon Unbox users will be able to rent BBC programming covering various genres such as Science Fiction, News, Documentaries, Drama and Comedy.
All she had to do was click a box, and "Shifted" was for sale on Amazon Unbox.
Unlike other DVD distribs, Amazon Unbox and CustomFlix offers a 50/50 deal: Half of the revenue goes to the filmmaker.
Amazon.com launched a digital moviestore, dubbed Amazon Unbox, on Sept.