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a major South American river

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As illustrated by articles in this issue about adiaspiromycosis (2), malaria (3,4), dengue (4), Chagas disease (5), Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (6), suspected Brazilian purpuric fever (7), and other infections, new diseases continue to emerge and old ones continue to undergo epidemiologic change throughout the vast Amazon River basin.
kelberi from the Amazon river basin and the upper Paraná river basin presented fragments of 650 bp and 410 bp.
During the rainy season, parts of the river flowing through the Amazon River Basin, which drains into the Southern Atlantic Ocean, can be almost 25 miles wide.
From the area where the Andes Mountains meets the Amazon River Basin, approximately 3,500-ft.
From different parts of the planet, Mongolia, the Sahara and the Amazon River Basin, these fans use their wits to make separate journeys with the same goal.
Initial chapters cover avian community structure and diversity of Neotropical rain forests, biogeography of the Amazon River basin, and how the most recent Ice Age affected bird distribution, migration, and mixed-species flocks.
The end of 2005 brought a record-breaking drought to Brazil's Amazon River basin, leading to a state of emergency in several areas.
A word of caution to ecotourists bound for the Amazon River basin and rain forests.
Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva probably will make good on his bid to build infrastructure across the continent, including through the Amazon River basin.
The 1988 murder of Francisco Alves Mendes Filho, better known as Chico Mendes, in Brazil's Amazon River basin was a major international story.
The plan calls for increasing links between gas fields in Brazil's Amazon River basin and off its Atlantic coast with industrial centers throughout the nation.
Oppositionists alleged that the road construction seriously threatened the indigenous populations scattered throughout the Amazon River basin.
At that time the territory of Quito Audencia included all of present-day Ecuador, the north of Peru, the city of Call in the south of Colombia, and much of the Amazon River Basin east of Ecuador.
The Amazon River Basin rainforest blankets nearly 5.
A quarter of the Amazon river basin has already vanished, Alcock notes, which means a serious loss of evapo-transpiration that will lead to a drier future climate in the region.