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Synonyms for amazing

Synonyms for amazing

Synonyms for amazing

surprising greatly


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inspiring awe or admiration or wonder

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Included in each kit are a free Mason Jar, a whole grain as the base (either chia seeds or rolled oats), a nutty mix (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds), a dried fruit mix (blueberries, cranberries, mulberries) as well as five Amazin' Granola snack packs as toppings (Blueberry Goji, Hazelnut Blackforest, Banana Bread, Salted Gula Melaka, Matcha Green Tea).
(19.) Peter Golenbock, Amazin': The Miraculous History of New York's Most Beloved Baseball Team, New York: St.
We've come up with 20 amazin' wags to make Mom's day--that won't cost ya tons of cash to boot (it is the thought that counts!).
* lyrics from Yasmin Adeigbola's poetic retake on Amazin'
In addition, the Mets have added the "Amazin' Mets Perks" (AMP) program that allows Season Ticket Holders access to some additional benefits such as being able to do BP on off-days, meet and greets with new GM Sandy Alderson, players, and meet Mr.
Amazin' things can happen in a regular life, if you let it.
Other successes for the new product development team at Snowbird included the California Raisin board competition, with Amazin' Raisin Chicken Balls; Meat Management, Manufacturer of the Year finalist; the British Frozen Food Federation, Best New Starter/Buffet/Appetiser product with Moroccan Chicken Meat Balls; and Food Processing, Ingredients, Manufacture and Use class, with honey as a replacement for dextrose.
Forty years ago people were talking about Apollo 11 and the man on the moon; Bethel, NY hosting the Woodstock Festival; and of course the Amazin' Mets trying to make a run for the National League Pennant!
Amazin' the number of "super hot" pilots we have or at least pilots who think they're super hot.
CECI: These cartoons, amazin' how they go through so much hell, but nobody ever gets hurt.
Lola adds the Amazin' Scrubber Roller Mop to its expanding flagship LolaPRO stick goods line.
The Amazin' Mets over Earl Weaver and the Orioles in 1969.
I had nine points and 13 assists, which was amazin' considerin' the pressure.
For example, there's an "Amazin' Grazin" raspberry mustard dip with an illustration of a church.