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Synonyms for Amati

Italian violin maker in Cremona

a violin made by Nicolo Amati or a member of his family

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Amatis Controls manufactures technology infrastructure for remotely sensed data and controls.
Entre los 10 ejemplares expuestos sobresalen dos Stradivari (1703 y 1709), dos Nicolo lo Amati (1647 y 1683) y un Guarnerius del Gesu (1744).
Periphyseon I, 522 B: "Non uos estis qui amatis, qui uidetis, qui mouetis, sed spiritus patris qui loquitur in uobis ueritatem de me (.
Hanc boni beatique Omnes amatis, et quiden, quod indignum est, Omnes pusilli et semitarii moechi; (Catulo, XXXVIII,)
Chief executive Lee Amatis said: "To have the Prince of Wales take time out to come and visit our staff was a wonderful gesture.
The Amatis all live within close proximity of one another in Philadelphia.
As for their own instruments, they don't possess a matched set of Stainers, or Strads, or Amatis but are happy with what they have.