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Italian violin maker in Cremona

a violin made by Nicolo Amati or a member of his family

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The Amati family are usually associated with the manufacture of which musical instrument?
If you have heard of anyone you will have heard of Stradivari, and to propose Guadagnini or Gofriller or members of the Amati family as the most accomplished of luthiers is to cast a minority vote.
By cutting through side streets and hurrying down what is now the Corso Matteotti, Claudio could be at the cathedral in a little over five minutes, and there he learnt not only to sing and take part in the choral services but also to develop his ability as a player of the viols and - more important - the violins that were being perfected only a short distance away by the Amati family. His teacher in this absorbing and challenging world of music was the newly appointed maestro di cappella, Marc'Antonio Ingegneri, a native of Verona, where the young student found one of his first patrons.