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Synonyms for amateur

Synonyms for amateur

one lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit

Synonyms for amateur

someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime

an athlete who does not play for pay

engaged in as a pastime

lacking professional skill or expertise

References in classic literature ?
The infusion of the amateurs clogged the working of things behind the stage, crowded the passages, dressing rooms, and wings, and forced everybody into everybody else's way.
The worst was past, and for the rest of the evening she moved about among the amateurs and professionals, talking, listening, observing, finding out what it meant and taking mental notes of it all.
We always do this, you know, but we never, never pay amateurs.
The thing for you is to do Amateur Night at the Loops.
A dressing room she finally found, jammed with three other amateur "ladies," who were "making up" with much noise, high-pitched voices, and squabbling over a lone mirror.
The Sunday papers 'd like to get Amateur Night done up brown in a nice little package, and the manager don't see it that way.
It was impossible for her to begin in time, and as she patiently waited, arms akimbo and ears straining for the music, the house let loose again (a favorite trick, she afterward learned, of confusing the amateur by preventing him or her from hearing the orchestra).
He even went so far as to give Edna a dressing room to herself, to the unspeakable envy of the three other amateur ladies of previous acquaintance.
says Groove, another amateur of quieter look, taking out his notebook to enter it, for our friend Rattle sometimes forgets these little things.
He derived the ideas, in fragmentary fashion, from Bolingbroke, who was an amateur Deist and optimist of the shallow eighteenth century type, and so far was Pope from understanding what he was doing that he was greatly disturbed when it was pointed out to him that the theology of the poem was Deistic rather than Christian [Footnote: The name Deist was applied rather generally in the eighteenth century to all persons who did not belong to some recognized Christian denomination.
LAHORE -- Around 342 contestants including amateurs, senior amateurs, veterans and ladies will be featuring in the Quaid-i-Azam Amateur Golf Championships starting here at Lahore Gymkhana Golf course on Friday.
While the athletes of the ancient Olympics were hardly amateurs, De Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, insisted that only amateurs-well-born gentlemen who were into sports as a
The amateurs will look to end the professionals' seven-year winning streak, although they have only ever upset the pros twice in 15 stagings of this event -- in 2005 and 2007.
Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Louise Asher has announced a $25,000 grant to promote one of the finest amateur golf championships in the world the Australian Master of the Amateurs Championship.
At the second category, the teams, which comprises five amateurs seeking to conduct many communications with other teams.