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the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money

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Youth and amateur sports and community recreation centers now require professional planning and management.
All charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs which are currently responsible for paying water and/or sewerage charges must apply for the new Scheme, but have till March 2016 to be included for help with their 2015-16 bills.
5m investment will create 65 jobs in Cardiff, as well as a similar number at satellite offices in Manchester, Edinburgh, London and Newcastle which will have broadcast trucks to cover a wide range of events Mr Scheid said it will include coverage of more than 50 amateur sports - including live broadcasts with studio analysis from Cardiff.
He believes that thousands of people participating in and volunteering in amateur sports will be natural subscribers - not only to view their own performances but that of competitors.
Many large amateur sports associations provide guidelines or assistance to members that can help develop a prevention program and first-response steps.
The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation (MASF), an independent, non-profit organizer of the Bay State Summer and Winter Games, provides Olympic-style athletic competitions and developmental programs for amateur athletes of all ages.
The Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Scheme was introduced to make more cash available for clubs by granting them various tax breaks.
Clubs which join the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme can qualify for a number of tax advantages if they meet certain criteria.
The present author, without directly being involved in this case, out of interest asked the Commission to give their opinion about possible discrimination against EU nationals in amateur sports.
A Federal Court of Appeal ruling that Parliament's creation of a special tax category for RCAAAs could bar other types of groups engaging in amateur sports from qualifying as registered charities triggered an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Barcelona has world-class facilities, suitable for sports training courses and top-level competitions, as well as amateur sports.
Amateur sports clubs in Huddersfield are being urged to sign up for a new scheme which could win them cash.
Created by the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 (now the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act), the USOC is a non-profit company that is responsible for coordinating the country's participation in the Olympic Games.
The Chancellor announced tax breaks for 100,000 amateur sports clubs in the UK - paying tribute to Newcastle Falcons player Jonny and the winning England XV.
This project will help NTC continue to achieve its mission of fostering international and national amateur sports competition, and promoting tennis as healthful recreation for the general public," said IDA Chairman.
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