Amaryllis belladonna

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amaryllis of South Africa often cultivated for its fragrant white or rose flowers

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Most will need to be re-potted in fresh compost in spring, apart from nerines, crinums and amaryllis belladonna, which don't like to be tossed around and should be left unless they have grown too big for the container.
Plant autumn-flowering bulbs such as amaryllis belladonna and autumn crocuses
For a more subtle show, grow Amaryllis belladonna, the scented bulb whose clusters of pink flowers open on stout stems in the autumn.
Scilla scilloides, Leucojum autumnale, Amaryllis belladonna and Crinum.
Amaryllis belladonna, known as the Jersey Lily, is a beauty.
Another good choice is Amaryllis belladonna, which has pink, trumpetshaped flowers on thick stalks and grows to around 2ft (60cm) high.