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Biological evaluation of structurally diverse amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives: discovery of novel leads for anticancer drug design.
Clinical studies were conducted to investigate the use of amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives as a new anti-tumor drugs.
Haemanthamine and haemanthidine are Amaryllidaceae alkaloids originally derived from 5,10-[beta]-ethanophenanthridine.
Anticancer evaluation of structurally diverse Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives.
Therapeutic activity of pretazettine on Rauscher leukemia: comparison with the related Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
The structures elucidation, the strategies and developed methodology to synthesize Amaryllidaceae alkaloids have been motivated by their diverse and important pharmacological properties (Magnus et at.
Amaryllidaceae alkaloids represent a kind of phenylalanine and tyrosine derivates restricted to Amarylidaceae family only.
A study of the fragmentation of some Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
13)C Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of some Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and Narcissus extracts.