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The galantamine content of Amaryllidaceae plants was investigated using different high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods.
The most remarkable results of these researches were the presence of a unique subgroup of the Amaryllidaceae alkaloids called gracilines and the isolation of an unusual pentacyclic dinitrogenous alkaloid called gracilamine (Noyan et al.
Davis (Amaryllidaceae), an endemic Allium species to the island of Cyprus, in a comparative approach to weakly metastatic MCF-7 and strongly metastatic MDA-MB-231 breast cancer (BCa) cell lines.
Pharmacological effects of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids fueled clinical studies to use them and their synthetic derivatives in developing anti-tumor (17) and anti-Alzheimer's therapeutics.
van Staden, "Acetylcholinesterase enzyme inhibitory effects of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids," Planta Medica, vol.
castaneum was Allium sativum (Amaryllidaceae) with [LC.sub.50] value of 1.52[micro]L/L [46].
In support of this, galanthamine - an alkaloid isolated from green snowdrop (Galanthus woronowii, Amaryllidaceae), has been approved recently, in the treatment of mild to moderate forms of AD [35].
Family FIV Acanthaceae 11.35 Amaryllidaceae 0.22 Apiaceae 23.58 Asclepiadaceae 0.22 Asphodelaceae 0.44 Bignoniaceae 0.87 Clusiaceae 0.44 Combretaceae 0.44 Crassulaceae 0.22 Cyperaceae 0.44 Euphorbiaceae 1.31 Fabaceae 3.49 Lamiaceae 0.44 Lauraceae 0.65 Loganiaceae 0.44 Malvaceae 0.87 Meliaceae 0.44 Menispermaceae 13.53 Molluginaceae 0.22 Moringaceae 0.87 Piperaceae 1.31 Poaceae 0.44 Rutaceae 13.32 Sapindaceae 0.22 Sapotaceae 0.87 Solanaceae 10.92 Verbenaceae 3.49 Zingiberaceae 12.23 Table 3: Medicinal plant species used in Gampaha District to treat inflammatory conditions.
The genus Agapanthus established by L'Heritier in 1788 belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae and order Asparagales [1].
Verpoorte, "Screening for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from Amaryllidaceae using silica gel thin-layer chromatography in combination with bioactivity staining," Journal of Chromatography A, vol.
For hybrid verification in Clivia (Amaryllidaceae), GISH and giemsa C-banding analyses were applied.
A Case Study of Amaryllidaceae," BMC Evolutionary Biology, vol.
Amaranthaceae AMARYLLIDACEAE Amaryllidaceae ANACARDIACEAE Schinus molle * APIACEAE Apiaceae Conium maculatum ASTERACEAE Ageratina sp.