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a city in the northern panhandle of Texas

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As Country Manager for Amarillo's Brazilian subsidiaries, Arao Portugal is leading the Company's ongoing engineering and permitting efforts.
"She brings determined leadership, winning experiences and has quickly started to build upon our 'Local First' approach in Amarillo. I have no doubt Carolyn and her team will lead Townsquare Amarillo to become one of our most successful markets."
Most recently, Carlisle has served as the director of Business Development for BSA Health System in Amarillo, a position he has held since 2014.
The events that led to Winfrey spending six weeks in Amarillo, along with the way she responded to the controversy while in town, highlight both a potential liability for the media mogul as well as her natural political gifts.
2009) found that for the Texas Panhandle (Amarillo) area, the lag times were about 13 months, but for the South Texas (San Antonio) area, the lag times were 4-5 months.
This is Hao Ni's first solo exhibition at Peligro Amarillo / Santurce.
The new location sits on six acres on the south side of Amarillo, directly off 1-27.
said it has announced the launch of high speed Internet service of up to one gigabit in Amarillo, TX.
International Resource News-October 5, 2015--The Amarillo Metal Trades Council signs tentative agreement with Consolidated Nuclear Security
Honduran President Hernandez announced that this year he will revisit the Rio Amarillo airfield construction project in Copan, reports (April 22, 2014).
Amarillo City government employees came up with the design for the logo to celebrate the town's 100th anniversary, but a search at the US Patents Office found the Emr-registered emblem bearing a striking resemblance.
But just a couple of days after unveiling the logo at an event to kick off Amarillo's 100th anniversary celebration, an email complaint arrived, alleging the logo's design was ripped off from a Dubai real estate developer, Emr Properties.