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Amarantus is developing treatments and diagnostics for diseases in the areas of neurology, regenerative medicine and orphan diseases through its subsidiaries.
Prior to the Asset Investment, SeD Biomed will make available funding to help Amarantus pay down key expenses, and initiate the process of settling Amarantus' outstanding secured debt and convertible preferred equity securities, in addition to Amarantus' accounts payable.
Amarantus is developing MANF for the treatment of orphan ocular indications, including retinitis pigmentosa (RP), and recently received orphan drug designation for RP in the U.
Luego de una reunion de trabajo con los regidores del Ayuntamiento, el alcalde y el titular de Servicios Publicos acudieron a la avenida Bonampak, donde cerca de 100 trabajadores realizan la reforestacion, pintura de guarniciones y postes de alumbrado, asi como la ornamentacion de glorietas con especies vegetales como Amarantus y Aralia Marmoleada, oriundas de la region, las cuales son mas resistentes al embate de huracanes.
8] According to this letter, Synesius was traveling on a ship captained by an observant Jew named Amarantus.
Hint: Redwood pigweed is Amarantus retroflexus, a relative of the amaranthus that has been highly touted recently as a food grain.
Amarantus BioScience, a publicly traded biotechnology company, has received orphan drug designation for Eltoprazine from the US FDA, it was reported yesterday.
Amarantus BioScience and Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
Toi Cook, Amarantus Advisor, former Super Bowl champion with the 1994 San Francisco 49ers and 11 year starting NFL defensive back said, "As a player representative for the entirety of my NFL career, my focus was the welfare and safety of the players.
Competition berween Phasolous vulgaris and Amarantus in different plant density.
The decision comes as Generex is focusing on its insulin spray product and a research collaboration with Amarantus BioSciences Inc.
Biotechnology company Amarantus BioScience Holdings Inc (Other OTC:AMBS) reported on Friday the death of its independent director and biotechnology legend Dr Joseph Rubinfeld at the age of 84.
Biotechnology company Amarantus Bioscience Holdings (Other OTC:AMBS) reported on Friday the receipt of the Chinese patent entitled "Neurodegenerative Disorders" covering the use of MANF for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.
TORONTO - One day after announcing it had licensed a drug spray technology to Amarantus BioSciences Inc.