Amaranthus cruentus

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tall showy tropical American annual having hairy stems and long spikes of usually red flowers above leaves deeply flushed with purple

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Amaranthus cruentus, from the Americas, is an annual that grows up to 2m (6ft 6in) - producing flower clusters that earn the nickname prince's feather.
Escudero NL, Zirulnik F, Gomez NN, Mucciarelli SI and MS Ginenez Influence of a protein concentrate from Amaranthus cruentus seeds on lipid metabolism.
Similarly, the lowest values of fat content among the analyzed nutrients in the vegetables studied had been observed in Amaranthus cruentus, Celosia argentea and Corchorus olitorius leaves [2].
There is need to educate families to exploit alternative locally produced foods to produce nutritionally adequate products such as Amaranthus cruentus [4].
Light yellow Amaranthus cruentus seeds were planted in finely prepared soil and firmed to assure good seed-to-soil contact.