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A pave foundation of five hundred roses and hanging amaranthus created a fresh cover for the antique iron table.
The highest concentration of calcium was found in the leaves of Acalypha bipartitae followed by Amaranthus graecizans, Solanum nigrum, Crotalaria ochroleuca, Crotalaria brevidens and Corchorus olitorius in that order (Table 4).
For hot colours grow Amaranthus Hot Biscuit, Nasturtium Whirlybird, sunflower Sundance Kid and Californian poppies.
Similarly, the lowest values of fat content among the analyzed nutrients in the vegetables studied had been observed in Amaranthus cruentus, Celosia argentea and Corchorus olitorius leaves [2].
The bridesmaids carried hand-tied bouquets of green hydrangea, green Cymbidium, and green hanging amaranthus cuffed with a jeweled embellishment.
The Allopathic effects of sorghum halepense and Amaranthus retroflexsus extract on the Germination of Corn Grain.
The hepatoprotective and anti-oxidant activity of Amaranthus spinosus against carbon tetrachloride induced toxicity have been reported (Zeashan et al.
Mr Fothergill's offers a choice of seven easy-cut flowers, including one of my favourites for dried winter arrangements, a superb Allsorts mix of Amaranthus, or Love-Lies-Bleeding.
Table 1: Edible semi-wild and wild plants from south Ethiopia screened nutritional and non-nutritional compositions Scientific name Local name (c) Family Adenia ellenbekii Harms Armulo (1), Qaqula (2) Passifloraceae Amaranthus graecizans L.
In keeping with the flow from the ceremony to the reception, Wendy Putt of Fresh Cut Catering and Floral designed seated table arrangements, which were romantically decorated with tall silver trumpet vases filled with Eskimo roses, hydrangea, hanging amaranthus, and floating candles.
The treatments in the experiment consisted of wild sorghum and Amaranthus sp extract (aerial organ, underground organ and mixture of both) and densities 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 percent of their extract.
As guests arrived, they were greeted by Stephanie and Wayne Britt and Kathy and Mark Fratesi in an entrance decorated with a beautiful chandelier bedecked with Christmas greenery, hanging amaranthus, Cymbidium orchids, white stock, and Eskimo roses.
Although greens constitute a significant proportion of the food recipes of northern Ghanaians, the levels of mineral nutrients such as calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), sodium (Na) and zinc (Zn) of the commonly consumed leafy vegetables: Amaranthus spinosus ["Alefu" (local name), Amaranthus (common name)], Solanum macrocapon ("Biovo", Garden egg), Hibiscus cannabinus ("Kanzaga", Kenaf), Hibiscus sabdariffa ("Suule/Bra/Vio", Rosella), and Vigna unguiculata ("Saawo", Cowpea) are not covered in the literature.