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Effect of processing on phytate level of amaranth grain
The results indicated that soaking amaranth grain in water decreased the phytate level significantly (Table 2).
Proximate and mineral content of five samples containing the same amount of chickpea flour but different proportions of maize and amaranth are shown in Table 3.
Delay in sowing date resulted in a decrease in amaranth inflorescence.
maximum amaranth seed protein obtained in the first sowing date (20-Apr) with maximum density (40 plant.
De Troiani et al [6] showed in their experiments on three cultivars of amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus L.
As a matter of fact amaranth mass compacts especially of starch which is compounded of glucose molecules.
Evaluation of amaranth components and research of the polysaccharide component fermentation to fractional fission products, UTB Zlin 2004.
The grain amaranth used in the study was cleaned by passing through multiple size sieves to minimize contamination which is a problem is small seed crops.
Nutritional value of the developed grain amaranth containing products
The presence of grain amaranth in the products led to a positive change in the nutrient content of most foods, when compared to the traditional recipes without grain amaranth (Table 5).
Can amaranth grain be used to fight protein malnutrition?
Is amaranth product adequately nutritious as complementary food?
After about 90 days, fresh amaranth grains were harvested with a moisture content of approximately 64% (drybasis).
Numerous mathematical models have been developed by various researchers to describe the rate of moisture loss during the thin layer drying of agricultural products such as amaranth grains.