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alcoholic liquor flavored with bitter herbs and roots

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tickets event Weighing just 3lbs at birth, Amara spent three months at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd's special care unit uk before being allowed home, and she has been a regular at Ty y gobaith since.
To see how the Amara View works, fits and provides full face mask wearers with more flexibility, watch this video.
Wells started working at a car dealership, and Amara had their only child, a daughter, whose identity we are protecting.
Both Amara silicone and gel cushions interchangeably snap into one modular frame.
Amara, the center of Missan province, lies 390 km south of the capital, Baghdad.
The committee, through its financial advisor, has also informed The Amara Group that the Dirk family has stated unequivocally to the committee that they have no interest in selling their majority stake in the company.
It is mentioned that two car bombs exploded early morning today near one of the popular markets in the city of Amara, Maysan province.
Missan Province, with one-million inhabitants, with its center city of Amara, 390 km to the south of Baghdad, is one of the oil-producing provinces, producing more than 100,000 bpd, comprising six oil fields - the Bazergan, Abu-Gharb, Fakka, Halfaya and Amara oil fields, along with Majnoun Oil field, which is a joint field with southern Iraq's Basra Province.
Vicom, Incorporated (Nasdaq:VICM), a Minneapolis based technology and media content provider, announced today that both Vicom and the Amara Group, Inc.
Amara / NINA / A medic source in Sadr General Hospital said that five people have been killed and ten others wounded, including women, as a preliminary result of the two car bombs explosion.
Army patrol in southern Iraq's Amara city, without causing human or material losses, the Chairman of the Security & Defense Committee of Missan Province's Council said on Saturday.
Mandel, Chief Executive Officer of Vicom stated "As a large shareholder in the company we respect and are taking the Amara offer very seriously.
MISSAN / Aswat al-Iraq: A young man committed suicide on Thursday as a result of a family dispute in central Amara, a medic said.
Amara, Maysan (NINA) --Eight labors, at least, were killed and many others injured due to a collapse of an old brick factory in Maysan province (15 km) north of Amara city.