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What does it do: The word Amanita derives from the Greek and described the Field Mushrooms which are abundant in the northern parts of the country and are still referred to as the Manitari: yet another example of the contrary nature of the Hellens.
A primary Study on Classification and Identification of Seven Amanita Species Based on Morphological Characteristics and ITS Sequences of rDNA.
Amanitas (Agaricomicetidae, Amanitaceae) from Portugal.
And there she was, hot from the shower, steaming, her face and arms and breasts and back and belly flecked red and white, glowing there like an amanita in a birch forest.
I also began mentally sorting the baffling variety of gilled mushrooms into manageable categories: the bulb-footed amanitas, the dunce-hatted inky caps, the colorfully capped russulas, the shell-shaped oysters.
Among those are the widespread and attractive but treacherous Amanitas, including the aptly named death cap.
In the ninth space amanitas and the dotted mushrooms rule
This omission has led to several criticisms of his theory, including: (1)that such an elaborate process of extraction and preparation should be unnecessary if Soma were a mushroom; and (2) that no procedure of preparation is known to reliably reduce or eliminate the often unpleasant effects of Amanita muscaria.
The pharmacology of Amanita muscaria is not entirely understood.
Amanita codinae (Maire) Singer, nova troballa per al cataleg valencia.