Amanita muscaria

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poisonous (but rarely fatal) woodland fungus having a scarlet cap with white warts and white gills

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Change in ibotenic acid and muscimol contents in Amanita muscaria during drying, storing or cooking.
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[[double dagger], NR] Amanita multisquamosa Peck [[double dagger], NR] Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam.
Found another bunch of Amanita muscaria beside a clump of silver birch trees.
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In the rest of the world the only prehistoric murals linked with the mushrooms are in Africa as discussed above, and in Siberia, where some petroglyphs have been found that are related to shamanistic practices using Amanita muscaria (L.: Fr.) Pers.
The others walk ahead, leaving to them an amanita muscaria's
Amanita muscaria ydi'r enw gwyddonol arno fo a 'fly agaric' yn Saesneg.
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