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red Asian weaverbirds often kept as cage birds

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Ortygospiza is not close to Amandava on either Fig.
Goodwin (1982) suggested that Amandava was probably nearest to an ancestral estrildid.
Amandava amandava, 6 US556164, US5556156, FM96103, CAS90068, CAS90026, BM S/ 1962.
In western Africa including Cameroon, one indigobird species is associated with Amandava subflava goldbreast and another is associated with Ortygospiza atricollis quail-finch (Payne and Payne 1994); neither host is closely related to firefinches or twinspots (Goodwin 1982; Kakizawa and Watada 1985; Wolters 1987).
Song mimicry and species status of the indigobirds Vidua: associations with quail-finch Ortygospiza atricollis, goldbreast Amandava subflava and brown twinspot Clytospiza monteiri.