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prolific Austrian composer and child prodigy


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50 Haydock An amalgam of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and Theobald Wolfe Tone (1763-1798), the leading Irish revolutionary figure who was regarded as the father of Irish Republicanism.
Musicians like Heinrich Isaac, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Caldara, Antonio Salieri, and Anton Bruckner have worked with the choir.
Summary: Just a century after Austria repelledOttoman troops from the gates of Vienna a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, newly arrived in the city.
President Gul and his Austrian counterpart Heinz Fischer toured the city and listened to classical music at the house of famous composer Amadeus Mozart which today serves as a museum.
The quartet presented a host of works by the renowned world musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and five musical string quartet pieces by the late Syrian musician Diaa Al-Soukari, which consist of a Turkish song, Layla Dance, Autumn Song, Spring Song and Fairozad.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791) was a successful composer, violinist and assistant concertmaster.
Hull, NCTM, has authored a new children's book called Tory the Time Traveler: An Adventure with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
AMADEUS FILM4, 9pm Milos Forman's Oscer-winning film tells the story of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Oscar-nominated Tom Hulce) through the eyes of his bitter rival Antonio Salieri (Oscar-winning F Murray Abraham).
Saturday's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart event will be performed by the Manama Singers and Bahrain Sinfonia along with a host of international soloists and musicians.
SALZBURG: An Austrian pianist performed two newly discovered pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the first time in public on Sunday in a house where the master composer once lived.
Students from Raha International School, along with their teacher Wendy Fullerton, brought the biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to life.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart soon may be immortalised in wax in their Austrian homeland.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was extraordinary in a lot of ways,'' Petker said.
What do playwright Neil Simon, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and mathematician Henri Poincare have in common?