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macular degeneration that is age-related

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Based on AMD's proven low-voltage Am486 microprocessor core, the ElanSC400 microcontroller integrates virtually all of the peripheral logic required for a PC/AT compatible system onto a single chip.
With its low-voltage Am486 CPU core and ultra-small form factor, the ElanSC400 microcontroller is highly optimized for mobile computing applications.
30, 1996--AMD has entered into an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission settling proceedings relating to an investigation of the company's public disclosures in 1992 and 1993 concerning the development of microcode for Am486 microprocessors.
Our megafab in Austin, Texas, was substantially underutilized in the face of weak demand for Am486 core-based products.
Overall sales in the fourth quarter were only nominally higher over the third quarter due to lower than expected unit shipments of Am486 microprocessors.
10, 1995--In a move designed to accelerate its strong growth in the PC market, Unisys Corporation today announced a price reduction for new PC configurations based on Advanced Micro Devices' Am486 processor, for Unisys CWP PCs based on the Intel Pentium processor, for rackmounts and for selected PCs available through Unisys Build-To-Customer-Order program.
The Am5X86 device is based on AMD's enhanced Am486 microprocessor and runs at 133 megahertz.
The fastest man and woman will each win a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 5010 computer powered by an Am486 microprocessor.