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Synonyms for dementia

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

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Synonyms for dementia

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Clinical diagnoses of Alzheimer's dementia were based on clinician consensus.
People with such signs of preclinical disease are at increased risk to develop Alzheimer's dementia. The researchers say they factored those rates of transition in their multi-state model.
Such progression, if left unchecked, could lead to Alzheimer's dementia.
About 200,000 of the people with Alzheimer's dementia are under 65.
Hippocampal over-activity is well-documented in patients with aMCI and its occurrence predicts further cognitive decline and progression to Alzheimer's dementia, Gallagher said.
"Currently, the ADRG is working on a research project funded by The Research Council, Oman, studying the effect of dietary supplementation of fruits grown in Oman on Alzheimer's Dementia (AD), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Traumatic Brain Injury," Dr Ragini Vaishnav, senior lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, Ministry of Health (MoH), said.
MCI and Alzheimer's dementia; clinical essentials for assessment and treatment of cognitive-communication disorders.
West Palm Beach, FL, May 20, 2013 --( The Alzheimer's Care Resource Center announced today that it has drastically reduced the rate for its Alzheimer's dementia specific geriatric care management services.
As one example, the successful prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's dementia is hoped to be an outcome of the federal brain mapping project.
He then explained in detail the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Dementia. He described the burden of disease related to family members and society.
Florida attorneys who practice elder law, guardianship, estate planning, etc., should have much more to say than I do about the depletion of financial resources in relation to whether their clients are in the early onset versus the advanced onset stage of Alzheimer's dementia.
(1) Over time, practitioners have recognized that pure Alzheimer's dementia is not as prevalent as once thought.
Some specific topics examined include memory reconsolidation, neuroprotective effects of insulin-like Growth Factor I against neurotoxic amyloid, the mechanisms of amyloid peptide's toxic effects in Alzheimer's disease, and a comparison of brain function in Alzheimer's dementia and vegetative states.
Amyloid plaques are thought to be responsible for clinical changes associated with Alzheimer's dementia. Research has indicated that amyloid precursors may be more prevalent in a cholesterol-rich environment.
These subjects had an increased risk of non-Alzheimer's dementia (hazard ratio, 3.51 [95% confidence interval, 1.98 to 6.24]), but not of Alzheimer's dementia (hazard ratio, 1.07 [95% confidence interval, 0.57 to 2.02]).
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