Alzheimer's disease

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a progressive form of presenile dementia that is similar to senile dementia except that it usually starts in the 40s or 50s

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When drugs become available to fight Alzheimer s, there will be a very high demand for diagnostic methods," Blennow predicts.
Moreover, in the witness of the Alzheimer person's demise is a powerful realization of the necessity for an honest self-scrutiny and preparation for our own death in the midst of our life.
It is extremely important that people living with Alzheimer Disease and their families have access to resources, support services, therapies and medications that can make a real difference in their activities of daily living," said John Ellis, executive director, The Alzheimer Society of Ontario.
Alzheimer's disease is named after German physician Lois Alzheimer, who first described the disease in 1907.
Alois Alzheimer officially documented Alzheimer's disease in 1906, but it wasn't until the early 1980s that aggressive research was conducted to verify that "senility" was actually a disease and not part of normal aging.
As a background to the markets, pharmacoeconomic aspects of care of Alzheimer disease patients and patterns of practice are reviewed in the seven major markets.
Professor in the Department of Neurology, and a team of investigators at Case School of Medicine, in collaboration with an international effort by researchers led by Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), the University of Toronto and Columbia University Medical Center, have uncovered a major new gene - SORL1 - for late-onset Alzheimer disease.
Regent's Alzheimer s residents pay tip to $6,000 per month for a private room, compared with about 52,300 for other residents, according to Greg Roderick, vice president of operations.
Barely two years ago, for example, a particular piece of protein that lies at the core of the plaques that Alzheimer first described seemed the most likely culprit (SN: 3/7/92, p.
Despite the devastation it creates, scientists still know very little about what causes Alzheimer's disease, which was named after the German physician Alois Alzheimer.
Eighty-five years after its first description as a distinct malady by German neurologist Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer's disease has become so commonplace that people joke about having it when they can't find their car keys.
Genetic association of the APP binding protein 2 gene (APBB2) with late onset Alzheimer disease".
This grant will help us continue our diversity initiatives and improve Alzheimer awareness, knowledge and care services in Hispanic communities across the country," said Barbara Newhouse, Vice President of Chapter Services for the Alzheimer's Association.
com/reports/c13681) has announced the addition of the Jain PharmaBiotech report: Alzheimer Disease - New Drugs, Markets and Companies to their offering.
The physician, a German psychiatric neurologist named Alois Alzheimer, had little reason to suspect that his name would someday become a household word.