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Synonyms for always

Synonyms for always

at all times


without variation or change, in every case

without interruption

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But the remarkable circumstance was, that th flashes of light always proceeded up the branches, from th base towards the extremities.
Is it not,' said Miss Monflathers, putting down her parasol to take a severer view of the offender, 'a most remarkable thing, Miss Edwards, that you have an attachment to the lower classes which always draws you to their sides; or, rather, is it not a most extraordinary thing that all I say and do will not wean you from propensities which your original station in life have unhappily rendered habitual to you, you extremely vulgar-minded girl?
But why was Miss Monflathers always vexed and irritated with the poor apprentice--how did that come to pass?
All serene on the Rappahannock, troops in fine condition, commisary department well conducted, the Home Guard under Colonel Teddy always on duty, Commander in Chief General Laurence reviews the army daily, Quartermaster Mullet keeps order in camp, and Major Lion does picket duty at night.
Several times in the course of the long twenty-four hours' run south did the Colonel send for Kim, always developing this latter text.
They were used to jogging off alone through a hundred miles of jungle, where there was always the delightful chance of being delayed by tigers; but they would no more have bathed in the English Channel in an English August than their brothers across the world would have lain still while a leopard snuffed at their palanquin.
Sahibs are always tied to their baggage,' said Kim, nodding at them.
It by no means follows, however, that the incitements of Passion' or the precepts of Duty, or even the lessons of Truth, may not be introduced into a poem, and with advantage; for they may subserve incidentally, in various ways, the general purposes of the work: but the true artist will always contrive to tone them down in proper subjection to that Beauty which is the atmosphere and the real essence of the poem.
It is but the result of writing with the understanding, or with the instinct, that the tone, in composition, should always be that which the mass of mankind would adopt--and must perpetually vary, of course, with the occasion.
The poem has always affected me in a remarkable manner.
His "Fair Ines" had always for me an inexpressible charm: --
It has been my purpose to suggest that, while this principle itself is strictly and simply the Human Aspiration for Supernal Beauty, the manifestation of the Principle is always found in an elevating excitement of the soul, quite independent of that passion which is the intoxication of the Heart, or of that truth which is the satisfaction of the Reason.
alway With a number of players unavailable, O'Rourke has introduced Conor McGuinness, Mick Fanning and Paraic Smith following the one-point loss to 14-man Westmeath in their opening game three weeks ago.
A fun fishing day and competition is being run by New City Anglers at Lliswerry Pond on Sunday, October 9 as part of a fund raising effort in the Alway area of Newport to pay for specialised treatment for a local baby.
Despite the efforts of neighbours to pull the dog off, the mauling ended only when Rakib passed out during the attack in the Alway area of Newport.