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United States choreographer noted for his use of African elements (born in 1931)


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Fans will be thankful that Tracy has effectively followed Ailey from the early 1950s and with his first dance mentor, Lester Horton, to the 2004 grand opening of the Alvin Alley American Dance Theater's new school, the Joan Weill Center for Dance in Manhattan.
In recent years, it has become quite customary to refer to Albert Murray with any number of superlatives, such as African American literature's "best kept secret," African American culture's "national treasure," an American generation's "intellectual Godfather," or simply as contemporary America's "unsquarest person." Yet for all the praise that friends and admirers heap upon him, Albert Murray has not become a household name that ranks with Ralph Ellison, Romare Bearden, Alvin Alley, or Wynton Marsalis, fellow artists with whom Murray is frequently compared.
When his Oxford-educated father sent him to college in the United States, Fagan added Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon, Martha Graham, and Alvin Alley to the list of masters whose styles have merged into his singular language.
It was while assisting Alvin Alley, a dance troupe she accompanied on a tour to Paris, that she first considered trading the stage for a brokerage firm.
Guy, now 43, who played pampered princess Whitley Gilbert on the series A Different World (1987-1993), is a trained dancer who began her professional career with Alvin Alley American Dance Center (now Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater).
The Summit opened with the Legacy Awards Dinner, hosted by Pepsi, honoring four dynamic women who have left an indelible mark in their respective fields of entertainment, dance, education, and women's rights: Suzanne dePasse, chairman and CEO of dePasse Entertainment; Judith Jamison, artistic director of Alvin Alley American Dance Theater; Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University; and Faye Wattleton, president of the Center for the Advancement of Women.
As Kylian's choreography enters more and more repertoires--Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and Alvin Alley American Dance Theater are just two companies that have added the Czech choreographer's ballets to their rosters this season--the reissue of his "Black & White Ballets" DVD is timely.
Mirante drew comparisons for such a deal to his work helping the Alvin Alley American Dance Theater develop a building on 9th Avenue.
Before leaving the Alvin Alley company in 1993, Kaiser aligned the organization with the National Arts Stabilization Fund, which offered to match the amount of money the Alvin Ailey company saved, in an effort to erase its debt.
Preparing for a dress rehearsal the night before the Denver opening, Parker Robinson touched history gently at the elbow, leading Belafonte, who had taught Alvin Alley at Dunham's school and had understudied Dunham herself, into a dimly lit theater.
In addition, Rhone sits on the boards of the Alvin Alley American Dance Theater, the Studio Museum of Harlem, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Mirante is an active member of the community, serving on the boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations and cultural institutions, including The United Way of New York City, The Alvin Alley Dance Company, The National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce, and The Realty Foundation of New York, Inc.
Those students, members of the OWLAG Dance Company, have just begun taking a Horton technique class with Alley II director Troy Powell, who was Smallwood's friend and frequent dance partner during her 12 years as one of Alvin Alley American Dance Theater's most celebrated dancers.
Alvin Alley Dance Foundation honored builder, environmentalist, and industry leader Daniel R.
After graduating from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Rushing went on to The Ailey School (on full scholarship) and joined Alvin Alley American Dance Theater in 1992.