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Synonyms for alveolus

a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs

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a bony socket in the alveolar ridge that holds a tooth

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Surfactant proteins SP- A and SP-D are synthesized in and secreted from epithelial Type 2 cells of the alveole and Clara cells which are bronchial cells without cilia.
It is the geodesic dome salvaged from Berlin's Tempelhof Airport and reassembled to create a 'think tank' for artists confronted with the problem of performing or exhibiting in the huge space of Alveole 14, the city's new international centre for contemporary art and music.
A tatons, preparant chaque alveole pour les briquettes de l'observation, il eut le plaisir des "instinctifs," le plaisir de la taupe fouisseuse et du castor macon.
Hemoglobin, nefes alma hareketi ile akciger alveollerine gelen havadaki oksijenin basit difuzyonla alveole komsu kilcal damarlara sizmasi ile bol (kismi basinci yuksek) oksijenle karsilasir ve oksijeni baglar.
Les petites bronches (bronchioles) et les alveoles des poumons se deforment et perdent leur elasticite, puis lesalveoles pulmonaires, qui permettent les echanges gazeux lors de la respiration, sont detruites, c'est ce que l'on designe sous le nom d'emphyseme.