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pitted with cell-like cavities (as a honeycomb)

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In this study, we find both sequence homology and pharmacological support for the presence of TRP-like channels in a eukaryotic alveolate protist, and our results are consistent with their role in rapid mechanosensing as a part of predator avoidance behavior.
The expanded phylogenetic analyses also revealed that the divergent Cryptosporidium sugar transporters (Figure 1: clades 3 and 4) cluster closer to those of alveolates (Figure 3).
SAR (Stramenopiles, This supergroup of supergroups is often Alveolates and nicknamed SAR for its components.
The evolution of Stramenopiles and Alveolates as derived by "substitution rate calibration" of small subunit ribosomal RNA.
The kinds of organisms detected from analysis of about 200 clones screened included Stramenopiles, 28%; Nematoda, 20%; Arthopoda, 20%; Alveolates, 12%; Acantharea, 12%; and Crenarchaeota, 8%.
In our rRNA gene diversity survey of biofllm samples, we obtained sequences representing most of the major eukaryotic lineages, including the fungi, animals, green algae, land plants, stramenopiles, and alveolates (Amaral Zettler, 2002).